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Weighted refers to the mathematical practice of adjusting the components of an index to reflect the importance of certain characteristics.

weight·ed (wā′tĭd) adj. 1. Made heavy or heavier by the addition of something: a weighted base. 2. Statistics Adjusted to reflect value or proportion: a weighted average. weighted (ˈweɪtɪd) adj biased: The current electoral law is heavily weighted in favour of the ruling party.. weight•ed (ˈweɪ tɪd) adj. 1. having additional weight. 2

having additional weight. burdened: weighted with sorrow. adjusted or adapted to a representative value, especially in determining the value of a legislator’s vote as proportionate to the population of that legislator’s constituency. Words related to weighted

Weighted is a description of adjustments to a figure to reflect different proportions or “weights” of components that make up that figure. A weighted average, for example, takes into account the

EXAMPLES FROM THE WEB FOR WEIGHTED Tired and weighted, she dared not try the leap; she skirted around. When using a weighted tiller the weight should be put in a midway position. It is then strongly pressed and weighted

May 27, 2019 · A weighted blanket is commonly described as having a “grounding” effect on the body that leads to an increased sense of relaxation. Weighted blankets, like all blankets, come in a variety of colors and fabrics so you can take your pick.  What are weighted blankets filled with?

Nov 12, 2019 · Weighted blankets are the trendiest way to help poor sleepers get a good night’s rest. They were first introduced by occupational therapists as

1000万語収録!Weblio辞書 – weighted とは【意味】荷重した,加重した 【例文】The political system is weighted in favor of the ruling class. 「weighted」の意味・例文・用例ならWeblio英和・和英辞書

The weighted grade is equal to the sum of the product of the weights (w) in percent (%) times the grade (g): Weighted grade = w 1 × g 1 + w 2 × g 2 + w 3 × g 3 +

A-weighting is applied to instrument-measured sound levels in an effort to account for the relative loudness perceived by the human ear, as the ear is less sensitive to low audio frequencies. It is employed by arithmetically adding a table of values, listed by octave or third-octave bands, to the measured sound pressure levels in dB.

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weighted definition: 1. prepared and arranged in a way that is likely to produce a particular effect, usually an. Learn more.

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Instructions. You can use the calculator above to calculate your weighted grade average. For each assignment, enter the grade you received and the weight of the assignment.

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Dec 23, 2019 · There’s nothing more relaxing than cuddling under a heavy comforter or an electric blanket after a stressful day. But if you need help unwinding, you should consider a weighted blanket. Simply put, a weighted blanket is a blanket with additional weights

Describing an average in which some values count for more than others. For example, if an index consisting of 10 stocks is weighted for price, this means that the average price of the stocks will move more when the stocks with higher price move.Most indices use weighted averages so “smaller” values do not affect the index inordinately.

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Aug 29, 2019 · Weighted blankets are a popular way to relieve anxiety and improve sleep. Some studies suggest they’re an effective way to help children with autism and ADHD, but more research is needed.

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A weighted score is the average of a set of grades with a different amount of importance. Learn how to determine your score following three easy steps.

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How to pronounce weighted. How to say weighted. Listen to the audio pronunciation in the Cambridge English Dictionary. Learn more.

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a calculator for computing weighted averages of grades. Instructions: Type in the grades you’ve received, along with the weights they’ll have in the determination of your overall average.

May 06, 2013 · How to Calculate Weighted Average. A weighted average, otherwise known as a weighted mean, is a little more complicated to figure out than a regular arithmetic mean. As the name suggests, a weighted average is one where the different


底に重りの付いた ・This tumble doll is weighted at the base so that it does not fall over. : この起き上がりこぼしは、倒れないように底に重りが付いている。

The agreement was that they were to run a distance of a hundred paces with equal weights; and when the challenger was asked how the weights were to be equalised he said that the other, as he weighed nine stone, should put eleven in iron on his back, and that in this way the twenty stone of the thin man would equal the twenty stone of the fat one.”

The same races who were found making thread by the laborious process of twisting with the hand, would hardly have disused, if they had ever possessed, so simple a labour-saving device as the spindle, which consists merely of a small stick weighted at one end; the spindle may, accordingly, be regarded as an instrument invented somewhere between the lowest and highest savage levels (Tylor, Early

“Weighted down” is redundant. Weighed down and weighted (no preposition) can mean the same thing in some contexts.. Weighed down can, in principle, denote some kind of burden – good or bad.. Weighted, on the other hand, is a purely technical term: an adverbish adjective meaning “with added weight,” “with some ballast.”. For instance, the keys on professional electronic pianos are typically

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A Weighting. The most common weighting that is used in noise measurement is A-Weighting. Like the human ear, this effectively cuts off the lower and higher frequencies that the average person cannot hear.


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Adjective (en adjective) Having weights on it. She wore a weighted dress so it wouldn’t blow in the wind.; Biased, so as to favour one party. The competition was weighted so he’d be the clear favourite to win.

A weight function is a mathematical device used when performing a sum, integral, or average to give some elements more “weight” or influence on the result than other elements in the same set. The result of this application of a weight function is a weighted sum or weighted average.Weight functions occur frequently in statistics and analysis, and are closely related to the concept of a measure.

Jun 09, 2018 · Your weighted GPA in high school tells colleges a lot about your ability to take on academic challenges. In this article, I’ll go through a basic description of what a weighted GPA is, why it matters for you, and how you can calculate your own weighted

Average calculator Weighted average calculation. The weighted average (x) is equal to the sum of the product of the weight (w i) times the data number (x i) divided by the sum of the weights:Example. Find the weighted average of class grades (with equal weight) 70,70,80,80,80,90:

weight [wāt] 1. heaviness; the degree to which a body is drawn toward the earth by gravity. (See also Tables of Weights and Measures in the Appendix.) Abbreviated wt. 2. in statistics, the process of assigning greater importance to some observations than to others, or a mathematical factor used to apply such a process. apothecaries’ weight see

Weighted blankets come in a range of sizes, including the usual twin, full, and queen, but it’s important to realize that a weighted blanket is not meant to cover your bed the way a regular blanket does.

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This article explains weighted grades and why some professors use them. What does it mean to weight a grade? When grades are weighted, some assignments (e.g. Final Essay) or categories of assignments (e.g. Lab Experiments) count more than others.

Weighted average is a calculation that takes into account the varying degrees of importance of the numbers in a data set. In calculating a weighted average, each number in the data set is

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Mar 08, 2018 · Does your high school use a weighted or unweighted GPA? What’s the difference for college applications? Find out how important your GPA is here.

Weighted blankets are rapidly gaining popularity with people suffering from anxiety, insomnia, stress, trouble focusing and more. Weighted blankets are designed to simulate the feeling a human hug as closely as possible and help relieve the symptoms of ADHD, sleep disorders and even help kids with autism and trouble focusing.

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